27 Things I Am Grateful For At 27

Over the last few weeks, the conversation at our house has been about how we cannot believe that we are turning 27! Seriously… How can time seem to move so fast yet so slow all at the same time?! Every birthday I have this little tradition where I set a theme for the year ahead. This past year was focused on health and this year… GRATITUDE!

As I head into year 27 I want to challenge myself to really focus on gratitude in all forms, little and big! What better way to start my “year of grateful” than this list! What would be on your list?!


27 Things I Am Grateful For At 27


  1. I can’t imagine my list without God as number one. As the song says, praise God from whom all blessings flow!
  2. Michael Cermak. How did I get so lucky y’all?! He is actually responsible for this year’s theme of gratefulness as he loves to tell me every single day that he is grateful for me. I can’t begin to tell you how much those words mean! When he first started saying it I teared up every time and to be honest, I still do!
  3. A healthy family. The older I get the more I realize how much of a blessing this is.
  4. Parents that raised me to know where my confidence is found.
  5. Siblings to watch grow up.
  6. In-laws that I adore.
  7. Grandparents whose spunky spirits I admire.
  8. Getting to cook with my Grandma.
  9. Getting to grow up with Michael.
  10. Watching my little brother play the game that we all love.
  11. Growing up in the South.
  12. Change and the ability to grow through it.
  13. The Bible study Daring Faith. This is the study that pushed me to start Going For Grace two years ago come March!
  14. Weekends with Michael.
  15. The Going For Grace readers. That’s right – YOU!
  16. Thursday lunches with my Dad.
  17. My work ethic and all of the coaches that helped to cultivate it.
  18. A husband that is passionate and works tirelessly for our family’s future.
  19. The fact that I am tender hearted and crying while I type this list!
  20. Routine and learning how important it is.
  21. Being a woman! A life without dresses and lipstick is no life for me.
  22. To work with people that I love.
  23. Hot showers.
  24. Knowing who holds my future.
  25. The ability to exercise and improve my health.
  26. Music and dancing. No matter how bad I dance.
  27. The ability to improve with each and every day.


I'm Lauren, creator here at GFG. My husband Michael and I live in Tennessee. I'm into classic style, British baking shows, and pretty finds. My motto is dress like Kate, work like Reese, and entertain like Martha!

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  1. 12.12.18
    Sabrina Diggs said:

    Happy Birthday Lauren!
    You are right, how did 27 years go so fast?… I remember when you were

    • 12.12.18
      Lauren said:

      Thank you so much Sabrina!! Right?! Before we know it both of your babies will be too πŸ™‚