How To: Baby’s Breath Flower Crowns

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If you follow along on Instagram, you know that I recently hosted my younger sister’s bridal shower. It was brunch themed and turned out to be every bit as beautiful as I had hoped. The best part was watching her and her friends enjoy the day together. I am so excited to share the first glimpse of the shower today as I walk you through these baby’s breath flower crowns!

When thinking up ideas for this shower, I wanted it to be very much my sister’s taste. That meant flower crowns were a must. I loved the idea of adding an easy craft to a bridal shower and what better shower favor than a flower crown, right?!

Flower crowns can seem daunting, but in actuality they are very simple to make. I made the following step by step tutorial and placed a few at the flower crown area of the shower. That way people could make their own crowns at any point of the shower without having to track me down.

They turned out beautifully and really were a fun addition to the shower! Ready to be amazed at how simple these are?!



Floral Wire 

Floral Tape

Baby’s Breath

*The floral wire that I purchased came with a cutter attached. If you cannot find one with, add floral wire cutters to this list!




Step 1 – Measure out the size that you want the crown to be on your head using the floral wire. Wrap around twice for stability.

Step 2 – Tape the ends together using the floral tape so they are secure and will not poke you.

Step 3 – Take a sprig of baby’s breath and place on the area that has the floral tape.  Begin taping the stem to the crown.

Step 4 – Repeat step three placing each sprig facing the same way as the first until  the desired coverage is reached. 


I hope you have fun making your own flower crowns! Be sure to tag @goingforgrace or #goingforgrace to show off your creations!



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