• healthy-berry-crisp

    Quick & Healthy Berry Crisp

    September 21, 2020Lauren

    This Quick & Healthy Berry Crisp takes minimal ingredients and comes together in minutes. A delicious berry crisp that is sugar free, gluten free, dairy free, and guilt free! This healthy berry crisp may be the easiest recipe I’ve ever posted, but when I found myself making it multiple times a week I knew I had to share!  I love how this recipe comes together in a matter of minutes with just a few simple ingredients. Full of cozy warm flavors, this is the perfect guilt free treat when your sweet tooth comes calling.  Let’s make one! Quick & Healthy Berry Crisp Ingredients: To make this healthy berry crisp, you will need the following ingredients. See the full recipe card below for detailed amounts and…

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  • easiest-derby-pie-recipe-lauren-cermak-going-for-grace

    The Easiest Derby Pie Recipe and Derby Bar

    May 2, 2019Lauren

    With the Derby only days away, it’s time to talk about one of my favorite parts of any event… The food!If you missed the first Derby post, Two Derby Parties To Inspire, or our feature on the Draper James Love, Reese blog you must start there! The first thing that comes to my mind when thinking of Derby food is, you guessed it, Derby Pie. I feel like most would think of Mint Juleps first, but I’m all pie all the time! I wanted to share not only this Derby Pie recipe, but also the stunning Derby Bar that Mary set up during our shoot. After all, don’t we all love a good bar setup!  Derby Bar While I would love to eat nothing but…

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  • A recipe for maple pumpkin pie by Lauren Cermak of the Southern Lifestyle Blog, Going For Grace. This pie is the perfect addition to a Thanksgiving spread!

    Maple Pumpkin Pie

    November 1, 2018Lauren

    Happy November friends!! Wow, can you believe I just said that?! I’ve already had a morning full of Michael Bublé Christmas songs so… tis the season! While I love Christmas, what I love even more is the two month period leading up to it. The baking, festivities, movies, plays, and all around joy fill my festive soul! Many say that the “holiday season” begins in the last half of November, but I beg to differ. In my world, the holiday season begins today, November 1st! So… What better way to kick off the start of the start of the holiday season than with a Thanksgiving classic! This maple pumpkin pie is the perfect mix of sugar and spice, making it the perfect addition to any…

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  • A quick and easy skillet apple pie recipe from Lauren Cermak of the Southern Lifestyle Blog, Going For Grace. This recipe is the perfect addition this Fall!

    Skillet Apple Pies

    October 10, 2018Lauren

    It is apple season and I am feeling it. These quick and easy skillet apple pies are making me wonder if I could blog strictly about pies. I mean, I sure would enjoy the creation (eating) of them! I love this recipe so much because every bit of it is homemade, yet so easy. If making your own pie crust intimidates you, I am here to tell you it shouldn’t. It will take you all of 2 minutes and you will be so happy with the results. I typically make mine the night before I am making my pies and it makes the process a breeze. If you must used pre-made crust, no judgement here friend. I’ll just be over here eating the tastier pies…

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  • A simple and delicious homemade cherry and blueberry hand pie recipe by Lauren Cermak of Going For Grace. This recipe is the perfect addition to any meal!

    Cherry & Blueberry Star Hand Pies

    July 3, 2018Lauren

    Happy almost Fourth of July friends! I am thrilled to share a new recipe made for my sweet friend Melissa of Best Friends For Frosting! You can find the initial collaboration announcement here along with that gorgeous Quiche Lorraine! Yes, you need it! Today we are getting in the red, white, and blue spirit with these simple and delicious cherry and blueberry hand pies. Hand pies are one of my favorite sweet treats this time of year. Especially when they are fresh out of the oven and topped with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream! These hand pies are the perfect addition to any summer meal. They are quick, simple, and are the perfect recipe to make with your sweet babies at home! In…

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