• Maple Pumpkin Pie

    November 1, 2018Lauren

    Happy November friends!! Wow, can you believe I just said that?! I’ve already had a morning full of Michael Bublé Christmas songs so… tis the season! While I love Christmas, what I love even more is the two month period leading up to it. The baking, festivities, movies, plays, and all around joy fill my…

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  • A Feminine Fall Party

    October 31, 2018Lauren

    Happy Halloween friends! I am so excited to finally share this Fall entertaining piece with you all! While I love all holidays, I don’t much care for the dark and spooky kind of Halloween. Fun fact – I have never once been anything scary for Halloween! Nine times out of ten, I was some sort…

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  • A Classic Spice Cake

    October 24, 2018Lauren

    Friends, I have found a new obsession… You guessed it – spice cakes! With so many Fall ingredients loaded into one cake, I simply do not know how one could not love this seasonal dessert. I garnished this one with pears, plums, candied walnuts, and some honey, but if I am being honest… This cake…

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  • Skillet Apple Pies

    October 10, 2018Lauren

    It is apple season and I am feeling it. These quick and easy skillet apple pies are making me wonder if I could blog strictly about pies. I mean, I sure would enjoy the creation (eating) of them! I love this recipe so much because every bit of it is homemade, yet so easy. If…

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  • Pumpkin Spice Madeleines with Maple Glaze

    October 4, 2018Lauren

    Oh sweet sweet friends, do I have something special for you today. These pumpkin spice madeleines are more than likely going to change your life and if you aren’t convinced, just take a look at that glaze! As I type this, batch number 6 is in the oven, batch number 5 is in my belly,…

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