Two Easy Valentine’s Day Treats

February 11, 2018Lauren

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Who else loves this holiday?! I just love LOVE. I always have and always will. Any chance that we get to celebrate it, why not go all out?!

I remember when we were little and would make our Valentine’s Day card box out of tissue boxes (or something similar). This task was taken very seriously in my little friend group and it was so much fun! This is one holiday that I secretly wish I were a elementary school teacher! Oh how I would love to spoil some little kiddos with some Valentine treats and watch as their little faces light up when they get cards from their friends!

Valentine’s Day treats are so fun to make because they don’t have to be hard at all… And they include plenty of pink! This Valentine Bark takes as long as your package says that it will take your chocolate to melt. Seriously, that easy! Just melt some chocolate and drop your little candies on top! To get the light pink swirl that I put in my bark, take 1/4 of a cup of the melted white chocolate aside and mix in a little bit of pink food coloring. Mix until the color is how you want it and then pour across your pan. Take a knife and swirl the pink chocolate into the white. Easy, right?

The white chocolate popcorn is just as simple. Make your popcorn, spread it evenly onto a cookie sheet, drizzle white chocolate over the popcorn, sprinkle your candies/sprinkles over the top, and done!

It is important to let each of these treats set so that the chocolate is good and hard before you begin packaging. I actually packaged both the popcorn and bark together for my little brothers and I think it looks so cute together! Recipe cards are below.

Happy early Valentine’s Day friends! You are so loved!

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Two Easy Valentine's Day Treats
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