Tuesday Ten: Books on my Nightstand

January 22, 2019Lauren

A Well Behaved Woman

This is my nightly wind down book of the moment and I am so hooked. I am fascinated with every word – From the post war destruction, the feud between old and new money, and of course the Vanderbilt family. I fell in love with Therese Anne Fowler’s writing style with her first novel, Z, and her second does not disappoint. Alva’s sassy spirit jumps right off the pages!

Classic Style

I randomly picked this one up during a Target haul. You guessed it, it was the cover that got me! It’s a short read, more like a coffee table book. I think this one would make for a perfect gift. The illustrations in it are the cutest!

Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits

This is a new find and I cannot wait to actually put it on my nightstand! It is a handbook of etiquette and recipes. I know that it may seem strange to get overly excited about etiquette and recipes, but y’all… This is my favorite of this list!

Calligraphy Made Easy

Yet another random Target grab! My Mom asked for a lettering book for Christmas and I thought it was a genius idea. I have a date with myself to pick out some pens this week, so that I can start the learning process. I’m hoping I can pick it up quickly for an upcoming Valentine’s Day shoot I am planning for!

Find Rest

It was on my January Bucket List to decide on a new daily devotional for the year and here we are! You wouldn’t believe the amount of time it takes me to choose a devotional. I am very picky when it comes to titles, cover art, and writing style. Strange fact about myself… I won’t use devotionals that have “quick, one-page, or one-minute” in the title. I know this is absurd and silly, but I feel all kinds of guilty when I buy those, like I’m telling God he only gets one minute of my day! #personalproblems

Becoming Mrs. Lewis

I have had this one on my “must read” list for at least a month now. It is about the love story between Joy Davidman and C.S. Lewis. If you keep up with my daily Instagram quotes, you know I am a big fan of C.S. Lewis!

The Power of Habit

I think I’ve mentioned this one before, but it is currently in my audio library. I’m a good ways into it and love the message! Habit and routine have become a big part of life this past year, so I am enjoying the perspective.


Ah, I feel so ashamed that I haven’t dove into this one yet! Michael read it last year and raved about it for weeks. I keep pushing it to the bottom of my pile, but I know I will get so sucked in by the story line if I will just start it!

One Day in December

I have read so many good reviews about this book that I had to add it to my list. It was one of Reese Witherspoon’s book club picks… Need I say more?! If you are a fellow hopeless romantic, this one is for you!

Lilac Girls

If you haven’t noticed yet, I adore historical fiction. My favorite genre! Especially when it is through the women’s eyes. I’m only a few chapters into this one and I can already tell that there will be plenty of tears through this read!


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